Vol 12, No 3 (2011): Practical Diabetology
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Published online: 2011-10-10

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Disease acceptation and ways of coping with the emotional stress of diabetes type 2

Krystyna Kurowska, Bogumiła Lach
Diabetologia Praktyczna 2011;12(3):113-119.


INTRODUCTION. Every woman and man wishes themselves life with no disease and stress. Most of people cannot accept the fact of disease. They feel unpleasant emotionally. More seldom they make an effort to change this situation. The aim of the study was to describe the level of acceptation of an illness and getting over with stress, as a basis of maintaining optimal health.
MATERIAL AND METHODS. There were 77 patients with diabetes (type 2) examined on Endocrinology and Diabetology Ward in Szpital Uniwersytecki im. dr. A. Jurasza w Bydgoszczy. Illness acceptation was estimated by AIS Juczyński’s questionnaire. Level of people’s handling with stress was estimated by CISS Endler and Parker’s questionnaire (in polish adaptation — Szczepanik, Strelau and Wrześniewski’s questionnaire).
RESULTS. In examined group of patients the acceptation of illness was average. The most common styles of handling with stress were: focused on task and focused on avoiding. Illness acceptation level grew with a growth of focused on task’ style.
CONCLUSIONS. The results can help to prepare better the patient with a total hip, replacement to live with the disease. They also help to plan better the patients treatment. They also allow to start the activity which aims to help in disease acceptation.
(Diabet. Prakt. 2011; 12, 3: 113–119)

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