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Vol 22, No 1-2 (2020)
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Published online: 2021-05-18

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New technologies in health care — medical robotics and innovations during the COVID-19 pandemic, considering Polish achievements

Krzysztof Starszak12, Michał Smoczok1, Weronika Starszak1
Chirurgia Polska 2020;22(1-2):1-6.


In March 2020, the WHO declared a state of a pandemic, which encompassed the whole world. During the pandemic, numerous new solutions have been introduced and some of the already existing ones have been improved to increase the safety, both of patients and healthcare professionals. The publication aims to present the achievements in the field of innovations with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, considering the activities of Polish scientists. The literature and current data were reviewed and useful in the topic of research were selected. The pandemic period showed the interdisciplinary nature of medical robots, both for surgical and diagnostic purposes. Robots are widely used in cleaning and disinfecting rooms. Patient psychological care systems also deserve attention - during the pandemic, the number of those in need suffering from mental diseases increased. Medical robotics should be developed and used more and more commonly.

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