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Author Guidelines

The text of the manuscript should be written in „.doc” (MS Word). Is it advised to you the font size 12 and 1.5 space between the lines. The manuscript should contain: Title page, Abstract (Polish and English), Key words (Polish and English), Text, Acknowledgements (Polish and English), References, Charts and Figures (description Polish and English). Abbreviations, if used, should be defined in brackets on their first appearance in the text. The abbreviations, that are not accepted by the international groups of experts, should be avoided.


Title page should include the full title of the paper (Polish and English), a short title (Polish and English) of no more than 40 characters including spaces, full names of the authors, academic degrees, affiliations, the name, address, phone and fax numbers as well as e-mail address of the person responsible for editorial correspondence.
Abstract (Polish and English). Should not exceed 400 words. The abstract should be followed by 3 to 10 key words or phrases (Polish and English), in accordance with Medical Subject Headings Index Medicus if possible.
Text. The papers should not exceed the following limitations: review - 8000 words, case report - 2000 words, letter - 1000 words. The aforementioned limits do not include abstract, tables and references. Any additional information and acknowledgements can be placed between the text and references.

References. The references should be listed and numbered consecutively according to their appearance in the text (not the alphabetical order). The style of references is Vancuver according to NLM: (http://www.nlm.nih.gov/bsd/policy/cit_format.html).

Journals. Should include: the consecutive reference number, names of the authors (list three first with annotation “et al.”), title, journal title (abbreviated in accordance with Index Medicus), year, volume (Arabic numerals), issue number, first and the last page. Please do not use the phrases “in press”, “in preparation”, “oral communication”. They can be used in the reasonable cases in the text.

Example: Miller KR, McClave SA, Kiraly LN, et al. A tutorial on enteral access in adult patients in the hospitalized setting. JPEN J Parenter Enteral Nutr. 2014; 38(3): 282–295.

Books. The consecutive reference number, author, title, the editor, the place and the year of publication should be given. Reference to the specific chapter should include: name of the author and his initials, chapter title, pages, name of the author (editor) of the book and his initials, the editor, year and place of publication and pages.

Example: (author is the editor): Braunwald E. Heart Disease. W.B. Saunders Company, Philadelphia 1992: 393–418.

Example (author and editor are different): Rosen MR. Principles of cardiac electrophysiology. In: Kelley WN (ed). Internal Medicine. J.B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia 1992: 90–95.

Tables, figures, photographs can be black and white or colour, numbered, send in „.jpg”, „.tif”, or „.eps”. format file (at least 300 dpi resolution) along with descriptions of the tables, figures and photographs as well as the captions of tables and figures (Polish and English). Previously printed visual materials should be supplied electronically together with the written consent of the publisher for reprint.

All articles (together with tables, figures and photographs) should be submitted electronically to the email address: urbanek.tom@ interia.pl. All manuscripts should be submitted with the author statement confirming that:
• manuscript has been neither printed nor submitted for print in any other journal;
• manuscript has been approved by all co-authors, as well as the
• authorities of the institutions where research was performed
• author(s) consents (consent) to the automatic and free-of-charge
• copyright transfer to the Publisher when manuscript is accepted for publication;
• all sources of financial support have been disclosed;
• author(s) is (are) familiar with the Editorial Policy and the Information for Authors issued in “Polish Surgery” and is (are) willing to obey them;
• Author(s)agree to accept appropriate invoice from the Publisher in case color illustrations are implemented.

The author statement scheme is available here:

Author statement


At the time of submission the authors of research articles are required to disclose any financial arrangement they may have with the company whose product has significant impact on the work delivered or with competing company. These information will not be revealed to the reviewers and will not influence the decision concerning the acceptance of the manuscript. After the manuscript is accepted for publication the Editorial Board will usually discuss with the authors the manner in which the information concerning the financial sources should be provided to the readers.


The Editorial Board and the Publisher make continuous efforts to ensure reliability and accuracy of the information published in “Polish Surgery”. However, the opinions expressed in the articles or commercials are published exclusively at the responsibility of the respective authors, sponsors or advertisers. Thus, neither the Editorial Board nor the Publisher accept no liability for the consequences of the use of any inaccurate information. The drug doses and other quantitative reference values are checked with the thorough care, however any treatment schemes described in “Polish Surgery” should be used in accordance with the information about the drug published by the manufacturer.

Author statement

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Copyright Notice

LEGAL ASPECTS. By sending the manuscript with figures and charts the author (authors) declares (declare) it has been neither published nor submitted to the Editorial Board of any other journal (not including the abstracts 400 words or less). Moreover, it is assumed that the copyright for publishing and distribution of the submitted material (in all known now and developed in the future forms and fields of exploitation) are automatically and free-of-charge transferred to the Publisher, under condition that those materials are accepted for publication.

The authors accept the fact, that the work will not be published anywhere and in any language without the prior written consent of the owner of the copyrights, i.e. the Publisher.

Independently to the formerly mentioned effects, author (authors) due to release form the responsibilities to the third parties, shall (should) attach the author statement to the manuscript. The author statement shall contain declaration of the author (authors) confirming formerly described facts and that all co-authors of the manuscript agree for the publication. Moreover the author (authors) confirm that they have acquaint themselves with the editorial policy in “Polish Surgery” and they oblige to respect the policy. The reward for sending the manuscript is publication in the journal.

The written permission from the previous Publisher for the reprint should be enclosed to the materials (pictures, photos, figures, etc.) that have been printed previously. If the data presented in case reports, figures or in the text enable identification of the persons their written consent to the publication should be enclosed.

Any potential conflict of interest will be dealt with by the local court specific to the Publisher.

Legal relations between the Publisher and the author(s) are in accordance with Polish law and with international conventions binding to Poland. The legal bases to acquiring the copyright are article 921 section 3 sentence 3 of the civil code in connection with article 50 of the copyright law and related law as well as the international conventions binding to Poland.

Privacy Statement

Names and email addresses entered into this journal's website will be used solely for the above-mentioned purposes and will not be shared for any other purposes.