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Published online: 2018-07-02

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If microembolisation of the distal part of fingers upper extremities after chemotherapy might be a reason of necrosis

Damian Ziaja, Mariola Sznapka, Tomasz Gul, Krzysztof Ziaja, Michał Tkocz, Jerzy Chudek
Chirurgia Polska 2017;19(1-2):7-12.


Authors presented two patients ( W. – 59y. and M. – 65y) treated because of different neoplasms with the some treatment (Genzar + Cisplatinum) in whom they observed necrosis of distal hand Finders. Patients were treated symptomatically without positive effect. They treated in Vascular Surgery Department by thoracoscopic sympatectomy and fingers amputation without complications.

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