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Vol 16, No 1 (2014)
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Published online: 2014-11-13

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Chronic wound of iatrogenic origin — an adverse event or a medical error?

Mariola Sznapka, Grzegorz Biolik, Jacek Kostecki, Damian Ziaja
Chirurgia Polska 2014;16(1):36-44.


A chronic wound is more frequently considered as venous ulceration rather than ischemic ulceration. Numerous reports concern the issue of decubitus ulcers, which should be treated as a complication during patient nursing at intensive care units and, not only surgical, hospital departments.

The issue of the chronic wound of iatrogenic origin is rarely the subject matter of both conference and literature reports. We describe 16 patients with a wide range of wounds of iatrogenic origin, located within lower extremities. Obviously, they resulted from negligence in having taken proper medical and nursing history data, no or insufficiently precise sphygmoscopy at the periphery of a limb, or complications due to a chosen treatment method.

We emphasize the prevalence of a need for saving some patients’ lives over the following: their health condition, the quality of life, or the resulting cripplehood associated with the loss of one’s extremity. We also pay attention to the necessity of taking an accurate patient’s medical history data, carrying out a proper physical examination, ordering additional tests and examinations in preoperative patients, especially the ones, in whom used therapeutic procedures require good blood supply in the periphery of their lower extremities.

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