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Vol 15, No 1 (2013)
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Published online: 2014-01-08

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Types of prosthesis funnels used after lower limb thigh amputation

Małgorzata Paprocka-Borowicz, Żanna Fiodorenko-Dumas
Chirurgia Polska 2013;15(1):66-71.


For person with lower-limb amputation a prosthesis funnel is the most important element of each thigh prosthesis. While using the prosthesis, the stump inserted in the funnel is exposed to sores and wounds, and also to the feeling of pain and discomfort caused by constant pressure on one spot on the stump. The shape of the funnel determines the possibility of wearing the prosthesis, of gaining the efficient and aesthetic gait and the comfort of using it. In the paper the advantages and disadvantages of the prosthesis funnel were described: quadrangular, oval NML and MAS.

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