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Vol 8, No 3 (2006)
Published online: 2006-08-02

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Visualization of blood vessels by means of the modified corrosion method

Konstanty Ślusarczyk, Stanisław Skrzelewski, Jerzy Nożyński, Agnieszka Kędzia, Maurycy Porc, Brygida Beck-Ciszek, Tadeusz F. Krzemiński
Chirurgia Polska 2006;8(3):179-183.


Background: Our own modification of the corrosion method is described. This modification enables the observation of blood vessels with the organ walls still present.
Material and methods: Investigations were carried out on adult male Sprague-Dawley rats. The agreement of Local Ethical Committee was obtained. After deep anaesthesia the chest organs were taken out. The heart was perfused using Langendorff’s method, (Krebs-Henseleit solution) for one minute and latex (LKBS 45–50) was administered for 30 min. under 15 cm H2O pressure. Then the specimen was fixed in a Bouin solution for 4 days. Afterwards the specimen was digested in concentrated HCl for 24 hours followed by digestion in a 25% solution of HCl. Before the corrosion had started, as well as during the process of corrosion which lasted 4 days, the heart was observed under the stereomicroscope every few hours, outlines were made and photographs taken. This digestion was interrupted when small vascular branches were visualized with the heart’s ventricle walls still present.
Results: The main stems of both the left and right coronary arteries and their branches including very small ones, became visible. It was easy to observe relations of the vessels to the organ wall, as wall as the resence of connections between arteries Conclusion: Our modified corrosive method enables direct observation even of the small vascular twigs, with the organ wall preserved.

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