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Vol 13, No 1 (2011)
Published online: 2011-10-19

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Management methods of basal cell carcinoma

Rafał Pabiańczyk, Kazimierz Cieślik, Tomasz Tuleja
Chirurgia Polska 2011;13(1):48-58.


Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is a local malignant tumor wchich frequent dynamic increase last years, especially at young people. Although BCC is very rarely metastasis and rarely threaten patients life, it is a significant problem because number of cases on face localization is very high. The treatment of BCC is divided on surgical and no surgical procedures. In first group is possible tumor resection with full histolgical diagnosis and ablation techniques. No surgical procedures are local farmacotherapy, fotodynamic therapy, radiotherapy and chemiotherapy. Better therapeutic potential, keep function and acceptable aesthetic effect should decided about therapeutical strategies.
Polish Surgery 2011, 13, 1, 48–58

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