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Vol 13, No 2 (2011)
Published online: 2012-04-27

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Ultrasonographic diagnostic management in subperiosteal antebrachial fractures in children

Maria Dzierżęga, Dariusz Chmiel, Wojciech Olipra, Jerzy Sułko
Chirurgia Polska 2011;13(2):107-111.


Introduction: The report presents the results of ultrasonography (USG) performed in cases of subperiosteal fractures in children involving the distal epiphysis of the antebrachium.
Material and methods: Of the total number of 241 examined patients with antebrachial injuries, 71 demonstrated evident fractures with periosteal rupture, while 91 USG images did not show any signs of fractures. On the other hand, in 79 patients, subperiosteal fractures were observed (Table 1).
Results and discussion: In the latter children, three characteristic groups of USG images were noted, namely these involving the step-off, the bulge and the deflection deformities. All the fractures diagnosed by ultrasonography were confirmed by X-ray images.

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