Vol 3, No 4 (2004) - Polish Palliative Medicine

Date published: 2004-09-21

Table of Contents

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Original articles

Treatment of noncancer perineal pain syndromes

Grzegorz Jagła, Melania Pitucha, Jerzy Walocha, Wojciech Popiela, Jan Dobrogowski, Jerzy Wordliczek

Advances in Palliative Medicine 2004;3(4):325-334.

Family physicians’ knowledge about opioid therapy in province of Kujawy-Pomorze and Podlasie

Krzysztof Buczkowski, Małgorzata Krajnik, Jacek Budzyński, Sławomir Chlabicz

Advances in Palliative Medicine 2004;3(4):335-342.

The efficacy of intraoperative neurodestruction of the coeliac plexus using chemical neurolysis in patients with epigastric tumours

Tomasz Cieniawa, Jerzy Wordliczek, Jan Dobrogowski

Advances in Palliative Medicine 2004;3(4):343-352.

Palliative home care for children in Poland

Tomasz Dangel

Advances in Palliative Medicine 2004;3(4):353-364.
Case reports

Bladder pain and haemorrhage treated with sucralfate

Maria Jose Pozo Lopez, Zbigniew Zylicz

Advances in Palliative Medicine 2004;3(4):365-368.

The cancer delusion as a depression symptom initiating Alzheimer disease - diagnostic difficulties

Krzysztof Buczkowski, Ewa Ignaczak, Katarzyna Łachut

Advances in Palliative Medicine 2004;3(4):369-372.

Follicular thyroid cancer and its distant metastasis - case report

Joanna Kłubo-Gwieździńska, Roman Junik

Advances in Palliative Medicine 2004;3(4):373-378.
Artykuł redakcyjny


Zbigniew Żylicz

Advances in Palliative Medicine 2004;3(4):323-324.
Osobiste refleksje


Redakcja PMP

Advances in Palliative Medicine 2004;3(4):389-390.
Leki w medycynie paliatywnej therapeutic highlights: gabapentin

Robert Twycross, Andrew Wilcock, Sarah Charlesworth, Julie Mortimer, Anna Adamczyk

Advances in Palliative Medicine 2004;3(4):379-384.

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