Vol 27, No 2 (2022)
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Published online: 2022-03-14

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Radiotherapy during the COVID-19: a review about management and treatment strategies

Lucrezia Bernabucci1, Patrizia Cornacchione2, Luca Boldrini2, Danilo Pasini3, Loredana Dinapoli4, Lana Smiljanic5, Vincenzo Valentini5, Nicola Dinapoli2
Rep Pract Oncol Radiother 2022;27(2):291-302.


Background: The administration of radiotherapy should be encouraged despite the emergency of COVID-19; therefore, our aim is to analyze management and therapeutic interventions to be implemented in a Radiotherapy department to allow patients to continue their treatment and health professionals to continue their work safely.

Material and methods: A Pubmed search was performed, in which all articles specific to Radiotherapy and COVID-19 were included. Those articles that were too specific about the COVID-19, surgery and chemiotherapy, were excluded.

Results: 315 articles were selected, of which 35 were about therapeutic strategies and 25 about management strategies. In the first category, 5 articles were about how radiotherapy could be a weapon to be used for COVID-19 positive patients with important lung problems. While 30 articles described priorities and new treatment plans for oncology patients who have to undergo radiotherapy during the pandemic. In the second category, almost all the articles explained how triage can be a preventive and monitoring way against COVID-19 in an operating unit with many patients and professionals, and other articles developed a telemedicine system, too, which allows patients to make scheduled visits without coming to the hospital and also for the staff, who can work remotely. In addition, 5 articles concerning psychological aspects of both patients and health care providers were included.

Conclusion: This document can be used as a summary in the coming months/years, during the recovery phase from COVID19 pandemic outbreak and as a starting point to be used in case of further pandemic break-out.

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