Vol 15, No 4 (2022)
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Published online: 2023-02-20

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Honorary Members of the Polish Society of Nephrology. Part XXXIV — Professor Garabed Eknoyan

Janusz Ostrowski12, Bolesław Rutkowski32
DOI: 10.5603/RDTF.2023.0001
Renal Disease and Transplantation Forum 2022;15(4):187-191.


We are presenting the 34th part of our series of articles showing the figures of the honorary members of the Polish Society of Nephrology. In the previous installment, the 33rd part of the series, we presented the distinguished American nephrologist, Professor Joel Kopple. In this part, we would like to present another American scholar and nephrologist, Professor Garabed Eknoyan. Professor Eknoyan is a renowned figure in the world of nephrology, a scholar and a physician with an unusually broad scope of medical as well as extra-medical interests. Professor Eknoyan has made invaluable contributions to the development of nephrology and history of this discipline.

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