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Vol 19, No 2 (2022)
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Published online: 2021-12-28
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Depression and anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic

Miracle Adesina1, Isaac Olufadewa1, Ifeoluwa Oladele1, Funmilayo Abudu1, Temitayo Lawal1, Samuel Damilola Ayelawa1
Psychiatria 2022;19(2):171-175.


The COVID-19 pandemic, just like other infectious disease outbreaks, is associated with adverse psychological and

mental outcomes including depression and anxiety. Prior investigations observed that the prevalence of depressive

symptoms in the United States was almost 4 times more during the COVID-19 pandemic (27.8%) than before the

pandemic (8.5%) while the prevalence of anxiety among US adults was three times higher during the pandemic

(30.8%) than in 2019 (8.2%). Many countries have also experienced a similar prevalence of depressive symptoms and

anxiety during the pandemic. Therefore, this study explored the level and impact of depression and anxiety caused

by the COVID-19 pandemic and investigated the risk factors while highlighting adequate management and coping

strategies needed to curb the global increase of depression and anxiety associated with the pandemic especially on

a certain group of people with underlying health conditions, older adults and caregivers.

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