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Vol 17, No 2 (2020)
Case report
Published online: 2020-05-30

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Patient with organic delusional disorder and depression: interdisciplinary approach and COVID-19 positive result

Michał Wroński1, Zuzanna Dukaczewska1, Jerzy Samochowiec1
Psychiatria 2020;17(2):95-99.


In this paper we share clinical observations and insights regarding the management and treatment of an uncooperative
patient requiring an interdisciplinary approach due to diagnosis of delusional disorder, depressive symptoms, alcohol
dependence syndrome, numerous complaints related to concomitant somatic diseases, and coronavirus infection
(COVID-19). Our aim was to highlight the significance of a holistic approach to the patient, and scrupulous documentation
of existing somatic diseases in psychiatric hospital discharge summary reports. Due to the common lack of
compliance on the part of psychiatric patients, it proves utterly important to establish cooperation between healthcare
providers and families of the mentally ill. Coronavirus infection (COVID-19) becomes another, additional complication
in the management of psychiatric inpatients. We believe that the discussed interdisciplinary approach, together with
increased family or institutional supervision can contribute to the improvement of psychiatric patients’ physical and
mental health status as well as general functioning.

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