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Published online: 2019-05-21

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Hypertension and cerebrovascular diseases are related to corneal endothelial insufficiency — a retrospective study

Asim Kayiklik1
Ophthalmol J 2019;4:11-14.


Background: Corneal endothelium has an important role on the clarity of the cornea. Cataract surgery may cause corneal endothelial damages and serious vision problems. In this study, we aimed to investigate hypertension, cerebrovascular diseases, and trauma in patients who developed corneal endothelial insufficiency (CEI) after cataract surgery. Material and methods: The study was performed in the Department of Ophthalmology in Adana Ortadogu Hospital between October 2017 and October 2018. 24 patients who developed CEI after cataract surgery and 24 patients who did not develop CEI after cataract surgery were included to the study. Eye trauma, systemic hypertension, cerebrovascular diseases were investigated in the patients’ own history. The findings were compared statistically. Results: The percent of cerebrovascular diseases was 54.2% in patients with CEI and 16.6% in patients without CEI. 58.3% of the patients with CEI had a systemic hypertension history. Hypertension was presented in 25% of the patients who did not develop CEI. The rate of trauma history in patients with CEI was 29.2% and 12.5% in those without CEI. The history of cerebrovascular disease and hypertension were significantly higher in patients with CEI. Conclusion: Hypertension and cerebrovascular diseases appeared to be linked with CEI.

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