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Sex cord-stromal tumors of the testis — a rare group of benign and malignant gonadal neoplasms. Literature review

Krzysztof Kowalik1, Katarzyna Hetman2, Krystian Kasperowicz3, Andrzej Modrzejewski1


This article discusses a less common group of testicular tumors, including sex cord-stromal tumors and gonadal stromal tumors. Among the sex cord-stromal tumors, we can distinguish androblastoma (Leydig cell tumor and Sertoli cell tumor), fibroma-thecoma group tumors, stromal tumors, and sex cord tumors. Based on a literature review, we present the epidemiology, diagnosis, and treatment of these testicular tumors. In our opinion, due to the rarity of this group of tumors and limited data in the EAU guidelines, this topic deserves attention, which is why we chose to explore it in our study.

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