Vol 2, No 2 (1999)
Published online: 2000-02-25

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Clinical experience with outpatient radioiodine therapy in hyperthyroidism

István Csenkey-Sinkó, Richárd Róka, Teréz Séra, Zsuzsanna Valkusz, János Julesz, László Csernay, László Pávics
Nucl. Med. Rev 1999;2(2):59-62.


BACKGROUND: Since 1993, outpatient radioiodine therapy has been available in Hungary. The reported study evaluated the efficacy of outpatient radioiodine treatment in subjects with hyperthyroidism.
METHODS: The data on 238 patients with Graves’ disease and 123 patients with thyroid autonomy were analyzed retrospectively. All patients were treated within the period 1994–1999. The activities of radioiodine were calculated individually. The dose applied in Graves’ disease was 150 Gy, and that in thyroid autonomy was 300 Gy. The efficacy of the treatment was evaluated 3, 6 and 12 months after radioiodine therapy. In patients with persistent hyperthyroidism, repeated therapy was performed.
RESULTS: Overall, the radioiodine therapy was successful in 84% of the Graves’ disease patients. In thyroid autonomy, treatment with 300 Gy was successful in 79% of the patients. The efficacy of radioiodine treatment was similar to the results of one-dose application.
CONCLUSIONS: It was concluded that radioidine therapy with an absorbed dose of 150 Gy in Graves’ disease and with an absorbed dose of 300 Gy in thyroid autonomy proved successful by the method applied.

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