Vol 70, No 6 (2020)
Research paper (original)
Published online: 2020-12-04

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Breast-conserving surgeries in HER-positive breast cancer patients are performed too rarely in Poland

Joanna Kufel-Grabowska12, Barbara Radecka34, Joanna Streb5, Agnieszka Jagiełło-Gruszfeld6, Joanna Hudała-Klecha4, Ewa Szombara6, Renata Sienkiewicz6, Bogumiła Czartoryska-Arłukowicz7, Piotr Witasik8, Katarzyna Sokołowska9, Wojciech Wysocki101112
Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2020;70(6):225-229.


Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Poland and worldwide; after lung cancer it is the second highest cause of death among females with malignancies. HER2 positive breast cancer occurs in ca.15–20% of all cases. More often than other subtypes, it affects younger patients and more often spreads metastasises to internal organs.

The new drugs against the HER2 receptor significantly improve patients’ prognoses, regardless of the initial stage. The authors of the study involved 1503 patients with HER2 positive breast cancer from all stages (I–IV); 482 patients received preoperative systemic therapy (chemotherapy or hormonal therapy), 385 trastuzumab. Among the 1219 females qualified to surgery, 734 (60%) underwent a mastectomy, 485 (40%) had breast conserving therapy with adjuvant radiotherapy, some of them had preoperative systemic treatment.

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