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Published online: 2024-05-21

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Leonardo Bianchi (1848-1927) - great Italian neurologist and psychiatrist

Zuzanna Chilimoniuk1, Maciej Dobosz1, Aleksandra Chałupnik1, Alicja Forma2, Jacek Baj2


The year 2024 marks the 176th anniversary of the birth of the great Italian neurologist and psychiatrist Leonardo Bianchi (1848-1927) who was one of the outstanding personalities responsible for the discovery of the cortical localization of language and other cognitive functions. He was one of the first scientists to study and understand the importance and functions of the frontal lobes. Bianchi was the first to diagnose parietal syndrome, identifying a new clinical form (Bianchi's syndrome). Moreover, Bianchi appeared also in political life as a Member of the Italian Parliament and as Minister of Education where he became a reference point for Italian politics.

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