Vol 65, No 3 (2014)
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Published online: 2014-09-26

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Personality determinants of health behaviours of merchant navy officers

Mariusz Lipowski, Małgorzata Lipowska, Aleksandra Peplińska, Maria Jeżewska
DOI: 10.5603/IMH.2014.0030
IMH 2014;65(3):158-165.


Background and aim: An individual’s health behaviours are highly correlated with selected areas of their personality as well as their values, needs and goals. However, this relationship may be modified by a number of objective factors associated with the individual’s functioning, lifestyle or occupational activity. The main objective of the presented study was to investigate the relationship between personality profiles and health behaviours of merchant navy officers.

Materials and methods: The influences of personality on health behaviours were additionally compared between two groups: mariners and managers. Thirty-two seafarers of an officer rank and 45 managers aged between 29 and 48 took part in the study. Three research tools were used: NEO-Five Factor Inventory, Health Behaviour Inventory and Inventory of Physical Activity Objectives.

Results and conclusions: Results suggest that selected personality variables are significant predictors of individual aspects of health behaviour, however the strength of their influence may differ, depending on the peculiarities of the performed work.