Editorial Team

  1. Marta Grubman-Nowak Poland AffiliationIMTM, MUG, Gdynia, Poland
Deputy Editor-in-Chief
  1. Eilif Dahl Norway AffiliationDepartment of Occupational Medicine, Norwegian Centre for Maritime and Diving Medicine, Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norway
  2. Volker Harth Germany AffiliationUniversity Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), Germany Institute for Occupational and Maritime Medicine (ZfAM), Germany
Honorary Editor
  1. Bogdan Jaremin Poland AffiliationMedical University of Gdańsk, Institute of Maritime and Tropical Medicine, 9B Powstania Styczniowego street, 81–519 Gdynia
  2. Maria Jeżewska Poland AffiliationInstytut Medycyny Morskiej i Tropikalnej, Gdański Uniwersytet Medyczny, Gdynia
Secretary of the Editorial Board
  1. Leszek Mayer Poland
Statistical Editor
  1. Paweł Zagożdżon Poland AffiliationDepartment of Hygiene and Epidemiology Medical University of Gdańsk
Language Editor
  1. Tim Carter United Kingdom AffiliationNorwegian Centre for Maritime and Diving Medicine, Haukeland University Hospital, Norway
Editorial Board
  1. Francesco Amenta Italy AffiliationCIRM Rome, University of Camerino
  2. Jon Magnus Haga AffiliationNCMDM, Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norway, Norway
  3. Marit Grönning Norway AffiliationHaukeland University Hospital, Jonas Lies vei, 5021 Bergen, Norway
  4. Alf Magne Horneland Norway AffiliationHaukeland University Hospital / Department of Occupational Health / Norwegian Centre for Maritime Medicine
  5. Olaf Chresten Jensen Denmark AffiliationCentre for Maritime Health and Society, Department of Public Health, University of Southern Denmark, Esbjerg, Denmark
  6. Jorgen Riis Jepsen Denmark AffiliationDepartment of Occupational Medicine Hospital of South-western Jutland Østergade 81-83 DK-6700 Esbjerg V, Denmark
  7. Maria Jeżewska Poland AffiliationInstytut Medycyny Morskiej i Tropikalnej, Gdański Uniwersytet Medyczny, Gdynia
  8. Krzysztof Korzeniewski Poland AffiliationDepartment of Epidemiology and Tropical Medicine; Military Institute of Medicine, Warsaw, Poland
  9. Nebojša Nikolić Croatia AffiliationInternational Maritime Health Foundation Management Board, Croatia
  10. Marcus Oldenburg Germany AffiliationInstitute for Occupational and Maritime Medicine Hamburg (ZfAM), University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), Hamburg, Germany
  11. Andy Paul Smith United Kingdom AffiliationCardiff University, Cardiff, United Kingdom
Editorial Advisory Board
  1. Gregory Chan Chung Tsing Singapore AffiliationNational University of Singapore
  2. Ilona Denisenko Russian Federation AffiliationIMH Board of Directors
  3. Jordi Desola Spain AffiliationCRIS-UTH, University of barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
  4. Lucero Prisno Don Eliseo III United Kingdom AffiliationUniversity of Liverpool
  5. Karl Faesecke Germany AffiliationShanghaiallee 15 – 17, D – 20457 Hamburg, Germany
  6. Christos Hadjichristodoulou Greece AffiliationUniversity of Thessaly, Larissa
  7. Henrik Lyngbeck Hansen Greenland AffiliationGovernment of Greenland, Intaleeqqap Aqq. 2, 3900 Nuuk, Greenland; Greenland Health Authorities, Intaleeqqap Aqq. 2, 3900 Nuuk, Greenland
  8. Suresh N. Idnani India AffiliationIMHA, ICSW, Goa
  9. Dominique Jégaden France AffiliationFSMH, Brest University. faculté de médecine, 29200 Brest, France
  10. Jacek Kot Poland AffiliationIMTM MUG, Gdynia
  11. Raymond Lucas United States AffiliationGeorge Washington, University Washington DC
  12. Alessandro Marroni AffiliationDAN Europe, Italy/Malta
  13. Bente Elisabeth Moen Norway AffiliationUniversity of Bergen
  14. Wacław Nahorski Poland AffiliationDepartment of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology, Medical University of Gdańsk
  15. Ralph Nilsson Sweden AffiliationSahlgrenska University Goteborg
  16. Marcin Renke Poland AffiliationDepartment of Obstetrics, Medical University of Gdansk, Poland
  17. Giovanna Ricci Italy AffiliationUniversity of Camerino, Italy
  18. Vsevolod Rozanov Ukraine AffiliationSaint-Petersburg State University, Makarova embankment, 6, 199034 Saint-Peterburg, Russian Federation
  19. Przemysław Rutkowski Poland AffiliationDepartment of Nephrology, Transplantology and Internal Diseases, MUG, Gdańsk, Poland
  20. Maria Luisa Sanchez Philippines AffiliationK Line Clinic, Manila
  21. Bernd Fred Schepers Germany AffiliationGerman Maritime Health Association
  22. Klaus Seidenstuecker Germany
  23. Katarzyna Sikorska
  24. Suzanne Louise Stannard Norway AffiliationNorwegian Centre of Maritime Medicine, Haukeland University Hospital
  25. Robert Steffen Switzerland AffiliationProf. of ISPM, University of Zurich
  26. Agnar Ström Tveten AffiliationNCMDM, Radio Medico Norway, Norway
  27. Joanna Ewa Szafran-Dobrowolska Poland AffiliationDepartment of Occupational, Metabolic and Internal Diseases, Medical University of Gdansk, Poland
  28. Einar Thorsen Norway AffiliationDepartment Occupational Medicine, Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen
  29. Arne Johan Ulven Norway AffiliationNorwegian Centre for Maritime Medicine, Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen
  30. Donald A. Velasco Philippines AffiliationUniversity of the Immaculate Conception, Davao City
  31. Stephen Williams United States AffiliationInstitute of Cruise Ship Medicine, Miami Beach
Publisher Editor
  1. Joanna Niezgoda joanna.niezgoda@viamedica.pl Poland


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