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Published online: 2024-07-09

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Osteoporosis in systemic mastocytosis — current therapeutic options based on a clinical case report


Systemic mastocytosis (SM) is a rare hematologic neoplastic disorder characterized by infiltration of various organs by clonal mast cells. It s characterized with cutaneous and organ involvement (hepatosplenomegaly, osteolytic changes, pathological fractures) and systemic symptoms related to the release of anaphylaxis mediators. Systemic mastocytosis was diagnosed in a 50-year-old patient based on WHO criteria. The disease course included fractures of the TH11 and L1 vertebrae, and densitometric tests revealed low bone mineral density (BMD). The patient was treated with risedronate for 3 years, yet BMD continued to decline. The therapy was switched to intravenous zoledronic acid, resulting in a significant increase in BMD in control tests and relief from pain. No new osteoprotic fractures were observed during the treatment.

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