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Published online: 2021-06-11

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Eltrombopag in the treatment of pediatric chronic immune thrombocytopenia — a single-center experience

Joanna Bulsa1, Aneta Pobudejska-Pieniążek1, Agnieszka Książek1, Tomasz Szczepański1


Primary immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) is the most common bleeding disorder in pediatric population, defined as an isolated low platelet count below 100 G/l. ITP is an autoimmune disease, mostly associated with the presence of auto-antibodies against platelet membrane antigens. This mechanism leads to shorten platelets half-life and may also inhibit the platelets production in the bone marrow. Approximately 25% of patients develop chronic ITP (cITP), diagnosed if the thrombocytopenia lasts a minimum 12 months. Management of childhood cITP remains controversial and decision about treatment should be individualized, based on general condition, risk of bleeding and the impact on the quality of life. Therapeutic approach includes intravenous immunoglobulins, corticosteroids, oral immunosuppressants, rituximab and splenectomy. New thrombopoietin agonists seem to be an efficacious and safe therapeutic option in the strategy of management of pediatric cITP, both in monotherapy and in combination with other drugs.

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