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Published online: 2024-07-02

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Extremely late recurrence of adult granulosa cell tumor in the retroperitoneal space 27 years after surgery manifesting as a liver tumor

Dariusz Laski1, Pawel Topolewski1, Stanislaw Zadkowski1, Pawel Guzik2, Anna Drobinska13, Piotr Remiszewski1


We present a patient with an extremely late and rare manifestation of recurrent AGCTs. After 27 years, the recurrence of the disease is unlikely, and the manifestation of liver lymphatic cavernoma is not a premise for suspicion of AGCT recurrence. The retroperitoneal site of recurrence is also very rare, and surgical resection of the tumor may not always be possible. We suggest that the decision to resect should always be made if possible. Patients with a history of AGCT should always be carefully considered for surgery for other indications, as even extremely long recurrences are possible.

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