Vol 78, No 3 (2007)

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The possibility of evaluation of the myocardial performance index in fetuses at 11,0 to 13,6 week of gestation

Joanna Szymkiewicz-Dangel, Anita Hamela-Olkowska, Paweł Własienko, Katarzyna Jalinik, Krzysztof Czajkowski
Ginekol Pol 2007;78(3).


Objectives: To assess myocardial performance index (Tei index) for left and right ventricle in fetuses at 11,0 to 13,6 week of gestation. Material and methods: Flow velocity waveforms of mitral, tricuspid, aortic and pulmonary valves were obtained. The Tei index for the left ventricle (Tei LV) was calculated in 55, and for the right ventricle (Tei RV) in 27 fetuses. Results: The value of Tei LV ranged from 0,28 to 0,59, mean 0,41+/-0,08, and for Tei RV from 0,23 to 0,56, mean 0,37+/-0,11. There was no statistically important correlation either between Tei index and both ventricles or gestational age and fetal heart rate. The possibility to measure Tei index increased with the progress of the pregnancy. There remains a significant correlation between Tei LV and Tei RV values. Conclusions: Tei index may be useful for the assessment of fetal myocardial performance in the first trimester of pregnancy. Tei index is independent of gestational age and fetal heart rate. It is easier to measure the Tei index for the left ventricle than for the right one.

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