Vol 78, No 8 (2007)

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Xenobiotics influence on estrogen activity

Anna Długosz, Anna Stokłosa, Agnieszka Kłodnicka
Ginekol Pol 2007;78(8).


Many chemical compounds which imitate estrogens effect are present in the environment. There are natural substances (fitoestrogens), as well as synthetic (xenoestrogens, metaloestrogens) ones. A lot of xenobiotics are inductors or inhibitors of enzymes, also those enzymes which take part in estrogens metabolism. However, little is still known about the influence of xenobiotics on estrogens activity, there can be no question of the importance of the problem. One of them are the diminished effects of endogenous estrogens in women smokers, also weakness or lack of oral hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) effect among women smokers, as well as the influence of estrogens on dioxins toxicity. The issue of estrogen compounds presence in cosmetics deserves special attention. It is essential for us to remember, that estrogens are compounds with high biological activity. Thus, hormonal balance disturbance can have serious health consequences, including tumors. In this research we have attempted to present a review of studies which concern exogenous factors influence on estrogens activity and have summarized current state of knowledge.

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