Vol 78, No 8 (2007)

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Analysis of blood coagulation factors in patients undergoing surgery due to endometrial cysts

Jacek Grabowski, Janina Markowska, Kornelia Tomaszewska, Natalia Fischer, Jolanta Nalewaj
Ginekol Pol 2007;78(8).


Objectives: The study was undertaken to evaluate selected blood coagulation factors in patients undergoing surgery, due to endometrial cysts and other ovarian benign cysts. Materials and Methods: Women involved in our study had not received any previous treatment for endometriosis and they had no history of any prior haemostatic disorders. Blood samples were collected before surgery and investigated for plasminogen, α2-antyplasmin, PAI-1 and tPA activity. As a control group, we have analyzed patients with benign gynecological diseases treated in our Department. Results: We have noticed higher mean concentration of plasminogen and α2-antyplasmin and lower mean concentration of PAI-1 and tPA activity in our patients in comparison with control group. Obtained results did not show any statistical significance. Conclusions: Our analysis of haemostatic factors in blood samples did not show coagulation disorders in patients with endometriosis. Maybe there are only local coagulation disorders in endometrial tissue and its surrounding. In our opinion this problem requires further research and taking into consideration other factors.

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