Vol 78, No 9 (2007)

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The value of the cytocins and the solubility of theirs receptors in the serum of the patients with the cervical cancer

Antonina Harłozińska-Szmyrka, Marcin Stępień, Lesław Rusiecki, Paweł Sedlaczek, Małgorzata Rusiecka, Jan Kornafel
Ginekol Pol 2007;78(9).


The study encompassed 146 women with recognized invasive cervical cancer in 4 clinical stages. Patients underwent therapy in Oncologic Gynaecology Department of Wrocław Medical University in 2001 and 2002 years. The correlation between pretreatment serum level of proangiogenic and inflammation factors – VEGF, sTNF-R1, IL-6 and clinical stage or early effects of therapy were observed. The strong and statistically significant relationship between pretreatment serum level of IL-6 and sTNF-R1 and clinical stage with early effect of treatment were found. The statistically significant correlation between serum level of all investigated parameters and clinical stage of cervix cancer was noticed. VEGF wasn’t an independent prognostic factor in the study, but the prognostic value of IL-6 was demonstrated.

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