Vol 79, No 1 (2008)

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Extensive vulva cancer with enormous tumor of the vagina

Wojciech Ordon, Andrzej Malinowski, Paweł Pawłowicz
Ginekol Pol 2008;79(1).


The following is a case report documenting a 53-year old patient with extremely advanced vulva cancer (stage IV). The patient needed urgent operative treatment because of massive bleeding from large tumor located inside and out of the vagina. The prime step was to stop tumor hemorrhage, perform cystotomy and decompression of the urinary bladder and exteriorization of artificial anus. Second operation was a conventional oncologic procedure, which contained: radical vulectomy, hysterosalpingo-oophorectomy, cystectomy with excision of the urethra, the excision of almost the entire vagina, lymphadnectomy of the left inguinal lymph nodes and iliac lymph nodes. In spite of the surgical treatment, the patient died at the fourth day after the second operation.

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