Vol 79, No 3 (2008)

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Prenatal diagnosis of an atrioventricular canal in a foetus with deletion of chromosome 8 (pter→p21)

Mariola Iliszko, Dariusz Wydra, Wojciech Grzybowski, Katarzyna Ciach, Krzysztof Preis
Ginekol Pol 2008;79(3).


Summary Congenital heart malformations, detected during a pregnancy, are associated in 20-48% of cases with a chromosomal aberration. In the following study we have reported the deletion of chromosome 8 (pter→p21), diagnosed prenatally at 22 weeks of gestation, because of a visible defect in the upper part of the interventricular septum and a partial defect of the atrial septum. The atria and the ventricles were joined with a common central valve. The cordocentesis was performed and karyotype: 46, XX ish del(8)(wcp8x2) was detected. Because of the persistent bradycardia of the foetus, indicating a danger of intrauterine asphyxia of the foetus, as well as features of premature placental detachment, the caesarean section was performed at 27 weeks of gestation. The patient gave birth to a daughter weighing 960 g. The child died in the 4th hour of her life. On the basis of the present observation it is safe to say that when an AV-canal defect is diagnosed prenatally, special attention must be paid to the detection of chromosomal abnormalities and amniocentesis or cordocentesis should be performed to assess the state of affairs.

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