Vol 79, No 5 (2008)

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Fetal echocardiography in fetal ovarian cysts

Maciej Słodki, Andrzej Chilarski, Przemysław Oszukowski, Jan Wilczyński, Krzysztof Szaflik, Katarzyna Janiak, Maria Respondek-Liberska
Ginekol Pol 2008;79(5).


Abstract Objectives: The aim of the study was to evaluate the outcome of fetuses with ovarian cysts in relation to fetal echocardiography. Material and methods: In the Department for Diagnosis and Prophylaxis of Birth Defects at the Polish Mother's Memorial Hospital in Lodz fetal echocardiography was performed in 21 fetuses with ovarian cysts between the years 1995-2006. Outcomes: In 18 out of 21 (86%) fetuses we have found normal heart anatomy (NHA) and in 3 fetuses congenital heart defect (CHD). In 7 out of 18 (39%) fetuses with NHA there were functional anomalies, including 5 fetuses with hypertrophy. Four neonates with hypertrophy required surgical procedures after the delivery. Prenatal hypertrophy was not observed in case of only one neonate which was operated after the delivery. Conclusions: 1. Fetal echocardiography studies were very often abnormal in fetus with ovarian cysts (mainly as functional anomalies). 2. Functional anomalies detected in fetal echocardiography more often resulted in surgical procedures after the birth, whereas normal heart study was more often connected with spontaneous regression of ovarian cyst (p=0,0265).

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