Vol 79, No 10 (2008)

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Selected features describing sexuality among elderly married women – research results

Beata Wróbel
Ginekol Pol 2008;79(10).


Abstract Objectives: Analysis of selected features describing sexuality and sexual behaviour of elder married women, without hormonal treatment, assessing their sexual life as either successful or unsuccessful. Material and Methods: 170 women were examined with the help of a self-constructed questionnaire containing questions concerning sexual life. All interviewed women were married. The results have been submitted to the statistical analysis. Results: Among 170 examined women, 124 (73,0%) described their sexual life as successful, 23 (13,5%) as unsuccessful, 23 (13,5%) did not have any sexual life, and therefore have been excluded from the statistical analysis. Conclusions: 1. Elderly women have active sexual life. 2. Elderly women describing their sexual life as unsuccessful are withdrawn and reluctant to have a conversation about their relationships, have hidden sexual expectations and dream about changing their lives. 3. In marriages with unsuccessful sexual life, women have intercourse in few (up to three) positions and do not use elements of foreplay. 4. In marriages with successful sexual life, women accept their nudity, as well as that of their husbands, and accept their physical appearance. 5. Elderly women who are sexually active use contraceptive methods, including hormonal pills. The type of used contraceptive does not have any influence on the assessment of the quality of the sexual life. 6. The age of an elderly woman and successful sexual life do not constitute a guarantee of faithfulness in a marriage.

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