Vol 79, No 11 (2008)

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Assessment of painful sexual intercourse occurrence among women in gynaecological practice

Beata Wróbel
Ginekol Pol 2008;79(11).


Abstract Objectives: Analysis of painful sexual intercourse occurrence among women who are patients of a gynaecological practice. Material and methods: 104 women have been examined by means of self-constructed questionnaire consisting of parts A and B. All interviewees had had sexual intercourses. Part A of the questionnaire included questions concerning painful sexual intercourse and was completed by the interviewees, whereas part B included questions concerning the presence of symptoms of vulvar vestibulitis and was completed by the gynaecologist after the examination. Statistical analysis was performed by means of chi-quadrat test. Results: Out of 104 examined women, 20 patients (19.2%) complained of painful intercourse occurrence. Conclusion: 1. Women at all ages experience painful intercourse, although there are different reasons for its occurrence. 2. Women may experience pain connected with sexual intercourse although they never experienced intercourse with vaginal penetration. 3. In case of 1/4 of women, coital pain occurs at the attempt of intercourse or “at the very thought of it”. 4. Pain during sexual intercourse occurs in case of almost 50% of post menopausal women, experiencing vaginal dryness. 5. Since 30% women with visible features of vulvar vestibulitis, detected during gynaecological examination, experience painful sexual intercourse, gynaecological examination should constitute a constant element of diagnosis of painful sexual intercourse among women.

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