Vol 80, No 1 (2009)

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Matrix metalloproteinases and their inhibitors in ovarian cancer progression – diagnostic and therapeutic implications

Tomasz Rechberger, Michał Bogusiewicz, Rafał Stettner
Ginekol Pol 2009;80(1).


Abstract Matrix metalloproteinases are proteolytic enzymes which degrade extracellular matrix proteins. Along with their specific inhibitors - issue inhibitors of metalloproteinases - they play an important role in the spreading of malignant tumours. The research conducted in recent years has shown that metalloproteinases and their inhibitors contribute substantially to the ovarian cancer progression, participating both in in situ tumours growth, and the spreading of neoplasm via peritoneal fluid. The assessment of serum concentration of some metalloproteinases and their inhibitors appeared to be useful in differential diagnosis between malignant, borderline and benign ovarian tumours. In numerous research, it was revealed that the expression of metalloproteinases in primary tumours and in metastatic changes has a prognostic value. Moreover, the pre-operational assessment of concentration of TIMP-1 in blood serum allows to select the cases of an ovarian cancer with an aggressive phenotype and unfavourable prognosis. Despite great expectations, the usage of synthetic inhibitors of metalloproteinases did not bring significant changes and improvement to ovarian cancer treatment.

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