Vol 80, No 2 (2009)

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Anatomical and functional effect of laparoscopic Vecchietti operation

Tomasz Rechberger, Paweł Miotła, Aleksandra Bartuzi, Marta Monist, Aneta Adamiak
Ginekol Pol 2009;80(2).


Summary Objective: To evaluate surgical: anatomical and functional effect of the laparoscopic Vecchietti procedure to treat women with vaginal agenesis. Methods: Retrospective analysis of 10 patients operated in the II-nd Department of Gynecology Medical University of Lublin, Poland. The length of vagina and macroscopic evaluation of it structure was assessed in each case. Sexually active women for more than 6 months answered the BISF-W questionnaire (Brief Index of Sexual Functioning for Women). The results were analyzed comparing health age-matched controls. Results: The mean age of operated women was 22.8+/-4.5 year whereas in the control group 22.9+/-3.3 year. In two operated patients the small areas of granulation were found in the vagina: in one woman on the side wall of vagina in the other in the apex. The mean length of neo-vagina was 8+/-2.1cm, whereas in the control group 10+/-1.0cm. The difference was statistically significant (U Mann-Whitney test, p=0.013). BISF-W scores were comparable in both groups. Conclusion: The laparoscopic Vecchietti operation allows to create shorter vagina in comparison to health women but the sexual life of this patients is as satisfying as the normal controls.

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