Vol 80, No 2 (2009)

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The impact of a new low dose oral contraceptive containing drospirenone on lipid profile, carbohydrate metabolism and hepatic function

Katarzyna Skórzewska, Stanisław Radowicki, Katarzyna Szlendak-Sauer
Ginekol Pol 2009;80(2).


Abstract Introduction: Application of older generations of progestins used in oral contraceptives may increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) because of negative impact on lipids parameters. Drospirenone is a unique progestin that blocks the aldosterone receptor, demonstrates antiandrogenic activity and potentially decreases the risk of CVD. Objectives: The aim of the study was to estimate the impact of low dose oral contraceptive containing 20μg ethinyloestradiol and 3.0mg drospirenone on lipid parameters, carbohydrate metabolism and hepatic function. Material and methods: 22 women in mean age 25.94.3 years, mean BMI (body mass index) 21.92.3kg/m2 without contraindication to hormonal contraception using tablets containing 20μg ethinylestradiol and 3,0 mg drospirenone during 12 cycles. Total cholesterol (CHOL), high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL), low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL), triglycerides (TG), glucose (GLU) and hepatic parameters were assessed before and after 3, 6 and 12 cycles of the treatment using enzymatic methods. Results: We observed statistically significant increase of CHOL level in normal ranges from 172.422.5mg/dl before treatment to 185.625.3mg/dl after 12 cycles and HDL level from 63.710.8mg/dl to 70.614.4mg/dl. No statistically significant differences were observed in LDL and TG concentrations, glycaemia and hepatic function parameters after 12 cycles of the therapy. Conclusion: The treatment with new low dose oral contraceptive containing 20μg ethinylestradiol and 3.0mg drospirenone does not induce adverse changes in lipids parameters and hepatic function.

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