Vol 80, No 5 (2009)

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Evaluation and treatment of adolescent girls with hirsutism

Jonas Alisauskas, Żana Bumbuliene
Ginekol Pol 2009;80(5).


Summary Clinical manifestations of androgen excess which are skin and hair related (hirsutism, acne, alopecia) are common and distressing symptoms for an adolescent girls. During puberty and at the time of the first menstruation cycles, physiological hyperandrogenism can be observed. The causes of hirsutism can be various, including familial, idiopathic, and those, caused by excess androgen secretion by the ovary (PCOS, tumors), or by adrenal glands (congenital adrenal hyperplasia, tumor), or exogenous pharmacologic sources of androgens. The diagnosis and treatment of hirsutism remains quite problematic due to innumerous endocrinologic aspects and unsatisfactory treatment results. Androgen excess during puberty must be appropriately recognized, clinically evaluated and treated. Pharmacologic and cosmetic treatments may have beneficial effect. Oral contraceptives and antiadrogens combinations may be recommended as the treatment of choice in adolescents.

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