Vol 80, No 6 (2009)

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Tumour in the ureter stump 13 years after nephrectomy – a rare case of endometriosis

Henryk Zieliński, Grzegorz Piotrowicz, Tomasz Syryło, Tomasz Ząbkowski, Leszek Bortnowski
Ginekol Pol 2009;80(6).


Abstract Endometriosis is found in the urinary tract in 1-2 % of women suffering from this disease. The most common site is urinary bladder (81%). In the ureter it is found in only 15% of cases and it mainly involves the pelvic part. The authors present a case of 49-year old woman who was diagnosed with an endometriotic tumour in the stump of the ureter, 13 years after left nephrectomy performed for hydronephrosis and lack of the kidney’s function confirmed in renal scintigraphy. After laser ablation and hormonal therapy the tumour burden was diminished and symptoms resolved.

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