Vol 80, No 9 (2009)

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Successful outcome of a pregnancy with an extremely low fetal heart rate (34 bpm) due to isolated complete heart block – case report

Maria Miszczak-Knecht, Joanna Dangel, Anita Hamela-Olkowska
Ginekol Pol 2009;80(9).


Abstract Isolated complete congenital heart block (CHB) in the majority of cases is associated with the presence of autoantibodies to SSA (Ro) and SSB (La) antigens in the maternal serum. The prognosis is less favorable in fetuses with a ventricular rate <55bpm. We have reported a case of a fetus with an isolated non-autoimmune CHB with an extremely low ventricular rate (34bpm) in which the outcome was favorable. In the neonate the non-compaction of the myocardium was diagnosed.

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