Vol 80, No 12 (2009)

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Vulvovaginitis in young girls

Leszek Nowak, Stanisław Horak, Jacek Zamłyński, Anna Bilska, Sylwia Kellas-Ślączka, Iwona Kozak-Darmas, Anita Olejek
Ginekol Pol 2009;80(12).


Abstract Vulvovaginitis is the most common cause of gynecological complaints in young girls. Factors which cause vulvovaginitis include, among other things, low level of sexual hormones (hypoestrogenism), the anatomical proximity of the rectum and delicate vulvar skin and vaginal mucosa. Usually vulvovaginitis in young girls is caused by non-specific factors. The aim of the study was to present the most frequent causes of vulvovaginitis in young girls.

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