Vol 81, No 4 (2010)

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Diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary embolism in pregnancy

Maciej Kostrubiec, Nikola Niewęgłowska, Piotr Pruszczyk
Ginekol Pol 2010;81(4).


Abstract Pregnancy and puerperium increase the risk of venous thromboembolic disease. As it is potentially life-threatening, all patients with the suspicion of pulmonary embolism require proper diagnosis and, possibly, treatment. Venous ultrasonography is usually applied. However, in most cases the examinations with the use of ionized radiation – computer tomography or scintigraphy – are indispensable. In treatment of pulmonary embolism, low molecular weight heparins play the key role. However, in case of dramatic pulmonary embolism with shock and hypotension, thrombolytic therapy may be necessary. Low molecular weight heparins as well as oral anticoagulants can be used after the delivery.

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