Vol 81, No 5 (2010)

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Early and late psychological effects of pregnancy loss

Jadwiga Łuczak-Wawrzyniak, Marta Czarnecka-Iwańczuk, Anna Bukowska, Nina Konofalska
Ginekol Pol 2010;81(5).


Summary Pregnancy is not only a medical but also a psychological and social event. There are many situations combined with pregnancy that in medical terms, constitute a risk, danger or failure and result in a wide range of emotional reactions in a woman that require special care and attention for her psychological functioning. The authors of this paper analyzed the situation of women experiencing a miscarriage, intrauterine fetal death and death of a newborn. Early and distant consequences of a pregnancy loss were discussed here especially in the context of a woman’s mental health and children of the mothers who had experienced such failure in the past. The aim of this paper was to present an optimal way of taking care of women after pregnancy loss on the basis of the standards that were created in the Gynecological and Obstetrical Clinical Hospital in Poznań.

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