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Vol 82, No 6 (2011)

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Radical trachelectomy – retrospective analysis of our own case material

Anna Dańska-Bidzińska, Piotr Sobiczewski, Mariusz Bidziński, Mariusz Gujski
Ginekol Pol 2011;82(6).


Abstract Background: Cytologic prophylactic smears enable diagnosis of cervical cancer in early stages what may allow to preserve reproductive function in selected groups of patients. Aim: Retrospective analysis of our own material in term of oncologic treatment, obstetrics results and percent of surgical complications. Material and methods: In our Department between 01. 06. 2003 and 01. 02. 2011, 14 patients were treated with laparoscopically assisted radical vaginal trachelectomy. In all cases only sentinel node biopsy with negative results allowed to perform radical trachelectomy. In one case tumor recurrence was diagnosed and the patient died. After the procedure two out of fourteen patients became pregnant. One of the patients delivered in 37th week of pregnancy, and the other one miscarried in 11th week. Three patients suffered from surgical complications. Conclusions: Patients with tumor diameter ≤ 2 cm can be treated by using laparoscopically assisted radical trachelectomy, and oncologic results are comparable to classical surgery. The number of surgical complications is slightly higher than in classical method but this method allows to preserve reproductive function in the treated women.

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