Vol 82, No 9 (2011)

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Nonimmune hydrops fetalis associated with congenital small bowel atresia – a case study

Janusz Gadzinowski, Jacek Brązert, Piotr Becela, Dorota Pietrzycka, Julia Murlewska, Marek Pietryga, Andrzej Jankowski
Ginekol Pol 2011;82(9).


Nonimmune hydrops fetalis is observed with the frequency of 1: 3000 cases diagnosed pre- and postnatally [1, 2]. In the following paper the authors analyzed the course of pregnancy complicated by fetal ascites and polyhydramnios with the appearance of colonic ileus and they presented the postnatal condition of the baby. The preliminary diagnosis was confirmed after birth and the newborn was operated in the second day of his life. The congenital small bowel atresia was qualified as a III B type (Grossfeld qualification), which is called the “pagoda” syndrome [3]. The colonic atresia is located then around the superior mesenteric vessels, which leads to colonic necrosis (Figure 1), [4].

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