Vol 82, No 9 (2011)

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First trimester diagnosis of encephalocele – report of two cases and review of the literature

Dariusz Borowski, Piotr Węgrzyn, Robert Bartkowiak, Dorota Wyrwas, Mirosław Wielgoś
Ginekol Pol 2011;82(9).


The authors present two cases of encephalocele, diagnosed at 11+0–13+6 wks scan. Case 1: Occipital encephalocele (max diameter 14 mm) without brain tissue was diagnosed at 12 wks. At 35 wks bilateral ventriculomegaly was additionally found. The course of pregnancy was uneventful. Encephalocele was closed surgically soon after delivery. Normal neonatal development at 6 months of age was confirmed. Case 2: Occipital encephalocele (max diameter 34mm) containing brain tissue was diagnosed at 12 wks. Two weeks later fetal demise was confirmed during ultrasound examination. Uncomplicated induction of abortion was performed locally. The outcome and possible clinical scenarios in both cases, together with review of literature, are presented in the article.

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