Vol 82, No 11 (2011)

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Sacral nerve stimulation in the treatment of the lower urinary tract function disorders

Paweł Miotła, Beata Kulik-Rechberger, Paweł Skorupski, Tomasz Rechberger
Ginekol Pol 2011;82(11).


Functional disorders of the female lower urinary tract like urge incontinence, idiopathic urinary retention and symptoms of urgency-frequency occasionally do not respond properly to classical behavioral and pharmacological therapy. Therefore, additional alternative therapies are needed to alleviate these bothersome symptoms. Sacral neuromodulation (SNS) utilize mild electrical pulses which activate or suppress neural reflexes responsible for voiding by stimulating the sacral nerves that innervate the bladder, external urethral sphincter and pelvic floor muscles. The exact mechanism of SNS action is not yet fully understood but it is assumed that it influences the neuroaxis at different levels of the central nervous system and restores the balance between inhibitory and activatory control over the voiding reflex. There is numerous evidence on the success of SNS not only in the treatment of refractory urge incontinence in adult and children but also in idiopathic urinary retention and symptoms of urgency-frequency.

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