Vol 83, No 1 (2012)

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Symptomatic vertebral hemangioma related to pregnancy. A case report

Roman Jankowski, Stanisław Nowak, Mariusz Kasprzyk, Dariusz Szpurek, Ryszard Żukiel, Bartosz Sokół, Jacek Szmeja, Sebastian Szuber
Ginekol Pol 2012;83(1).


Hemangioma is the most common primary tumor of the spine. Pregnancy is a risk factor increasing the possibility of disclosure or exacerbation of symptoms of spinal hemangioma. This paper presents a case of 32-year-old woman with hemangioma of Th6 vertebrae, which was revealed by paresis of the lower limbs and sphincters dysfunction at 34 weeks gestation. Pregnancy has ended with a cesarean section. Then posterolateral thoracotomy and removal of hemangioma were performed. Spinal cord was decompressed and stabilization of the spine with metal implants was carried out. Histological examination discovered cavernous hemangioma weaving. The patient is followed up in the outpatient clinic. Despite the improvement of neurological status – enhancement of the sensory function and development of bladder and rectal sphincter automatism – she did not regain the ability to walk alone.

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