Vol 83, No 1 (2012)

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Fertility sparing surgical treatment of malignant ovarian tumors in the reproductive age group of women

Dobrosława Sikora-Szczęśniak, Wacław Sikora
Ginekol Pol 2012;83(1).


Objective: The purpose of study is to present the pregnancies and deliveries after fertility sparing surgery for ovarian malignancies. Material and methods: Medical records of outpatient and hospital treatment of patients who underwent primary fertility sparing surgery for ovarian malignancy were analyzed. Additionally, we analyzed the course of pregnancy and delivery and evaluated the condition of neonates after delivery and during childhood with special attention to birth defects and malignances. Results: After fertility sparing surgery for malignant lesions of the ovaries performed in 7 women in reproductive age, we noted 13 pregnancies successfully terminated with live birth and 1 case of ectopic pregnancy. The observation period was 7-22 years. Conclusions: The problem of pregnancy after fertility sparing surgery for ovarian malignancy requires many years of observation of both the mothers and the newborns. There is a need to establish a nationwide register of pregnancies after fertility sparing operations for malignant ovarian tumors and to monitor the condition of babies delivered by women treated for that reason.

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