Vol 83, No 3 (2012)

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Analysis of delivery types in women after previous cesarean section

Ewa Kuś, Katarzyna Orłowska, Urszula Kowalska-Koprek, Jarosław Kalinka, Marlena Berner-Trąbska, Dorota Estemberg, Maria Brzozowska, Agata Karowicz-Bilińska
Ginekol Pol 2012;83(3).


Objective: The study was undertaken to analyze the course of pregnancy and delivery in women after previous cesarean section. Material and methods: The study group consisted of 1272 pregnant women after one cesarean section, who delivered at the 1st Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Medical University of Lodz between 1st January 2007 and 31st December 2010. Results: Among patients after previous cesarean section, the most numerous group constituted women whose pregnancy was resolved with an elective repeat cesarean section, without the attempt to deliver vaginally – 58,96% whereas the remaining 41,04% of the women were qualified to make an attempt at vaginal delivery. 48,28% of them succeeded to gave birth vaginally and 51,72% underwent repeat cesarean section. Conclusions: Proper qualification of patients after previous caesarean section for a natural vaginal birth allows a successful vaginal delivery. A critical analysis of the indications for surgical delivery needs to be performed in order to lower the rate of cesarean sections.

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