Vol 83, No 6 (2012)

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Treatment of genital lichen sclerosus in women – review

Anna Sadowska-Przytocka, Aleksandra Dańczak-Pazdrowska, Aleksandra Szewczyk, Magdalena Czarnecka-Operacz, Dorota Jenerowicz, Agnieszka Osmola-Mańkowska, Karolina Olek-Hrab
Ginekol Pol 2012;83(6).


Lichen sclerosus is a chronic inflammatory skin disorder that belongs to a group of autoimmune connective tissue diseases, localized within the skin and mucous membrane of the anogenital area. In the latter location, the focal atrophy of the mucosa is the most visible sign. Lesions may be accompanied by symptoms such as itching, pain, burning. The disease occurs more often in females. The etiology is not fully understood. Genetic, infectious, hormonal factors and autoimmune mechanisms are taken into consideration. Early diagnosis and appropriate treatment is important to avoid further complications. This review aims to analyze available literature on the treatment of this disease entity.

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